Elapsed time classroom sets include everything you need for your classroom, including Math Track™, Time Pieces™, storage container, and instructions.

Sets are available in groups of 25 or individually. Classroom sets of 25 include a free teacher demonstration set. When you’re not teaching elapsed time, Math Track™ is a versatile manipulative that you can use to teach addition/subtraction with regrouping, making change, order of numbers, fractions, and much more.

Math Track™ is a versatile manipulative that can be used to teach elapsed time, making change, addition/subtraction with regrouping, ordering of numbers, fractions, decimals, and more.

Math Track™ and Double Track are sold individually and in groups of 25.

Time Pieces™ are translucent pieces of time resembling the fractional parts of a clock.

Time Pieces™ can be purchased individually or in groups of 25.

Leveled Workbooks (Gr K-1, Gr 2-3, Gr 4-5)
12 days of Reproducible Lesson Plans/Activities to supplement any curriculum
Meets common core standards
Promotes conceptual understanding of Elapsed Time

CCS Cards

The Common Core Standards Cards list a grade specific Standard at the top of each side of a card. Below each Standard is a picture of that concept modeled on the Math Track.

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